Have You Seen This Pig?

A Genuine American Tragedy

Two short weeks after my beloved sous chef Piglet posed for her richly deserved spot in my header, she met a violent, untimely end at the hands of my son-in-law who, to prevent piglet’s devoted friends from being driven to curtail his life in a similar fashion to piglet’s, shall remain nameless. In a moment of unbridled klutziness, said SIL dropped my TV (!) on her precious rotund little blue calico body, while she lay on my ottoman in blissful repose enjoying a rare moment away from her usual “shelf” home, and her hectic kitchen support duties.

(You are aware, of course, that Freud said, quite convincingly in my opinion, that there is no such thing as an accident? I shall say no more; suffice it to say that said SIL’s history, particularly with regard to porcine females is at the present time under the most rigorous scrutiny by moi).

Now that that’s off my chest, I am making “Have You Seen This Pig?” part of my blog header, in hopes that someday, somewhere, one of my loyal readers might happen on a replica of my dear departed piglet. If any of you should see her twin, please let me know. I am devastated by her loss. :{


One Response to Have You Seen This Pig?

  1. Rick says:

    Dearest Mim,

    if you follow this link, you will find not your beautiful piglet, but her somewhat more sexy younger sister.


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