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A dashed off recipe for Thanksgiving, and a begging for forgiveness.

Hi my dear friends. I know I have been hopelessly in absentia for many months, but as you all well know, life has its own way of directing us, and it has thus exerted itself in my life this year. … Continue reading

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Squash Your Neighbors and Live to Tell About it!

We Americans do love our holidays, do we not? No longer is it enough for grateful families merely to raise our glasses to fête the lamentably sacrificed turkey on Thanksgiving day, followed by a happy afternoon wrapped to the gills … Continue reading

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Summertime, Summertime, Sum-Sum-Summertime….

Throw open a window and poke your head outside! You just may hear a familiar sound chattering through the atmosphere, announcing that summer is in full swing. With timing as precise and predictable as the robins that arrive to bob … Continue reading

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Back to the Bistro

If you have read the recent post in which I enthuse with abandon on Tante Paulette’s Garlic Salad, you will understand why today I am posting her recipe for the dish that actually catapulted her tiny four-table bistro to worldwide … Continue reading

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More Wonderful Bistro Fare.

In the world of French bistro cooking there exist limitless versions of potato gratin, each boasting a devoted following. In other words, if every potato gratin in France was laid end to end from Lyon to Paris, you would still … Continue reading

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A Loaf of Bread, a Jug of Wine, and … Hmmmm, Classic Bistro Fare, Anyone?

With spring officially only one day away, it seems the unlikeliest of times to post an homage to bistro cooking. Warm, homey bistro cuisine is famous for asserting its vice-like grip on the comfort-food region of our brains in the … Continue reading

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Indecently Decadent Potatoes for Your Holiday Table

Whoever first concocted this dish certainly had little (if any) regard for the waistlines of those who were about to indulge in this rich-beyond-belief potato dish, but I doubt that there were many complaints at the table. It’s another of … Continue reading

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