To me food is the greatest and most natural “connector” we have as humans. The sharing of meals at the family table is life at its very core, and its very best. Mealtimes are much more than just a chance for families to spend time together; they are a daily celebration of the most basic unit of community, and have the power to profoundly impact our lives.

It’s here, slurping up bowls of spaghetti and meatballs elbow to elbow, or dipping great chunks of bread into an intoxicating daube of wine-infused beef, that we create lifetime memories, and where we forge and sustain lifelong unbreakable bonds. With each bite we join a long line of convivial family tables stretching back into antiquity, acting out our modern version of the world’s oldest tableau. And with every celebratory clink of our wine glasses we share and commemorate the moment when our beastly forebears first found a reason to bond: survival. Dinnertime is a daily reminder (or not, if we opt for the “grab-and-go” way of life) of our dependence on one another, and I think that when we abandon the dinner table’s subtle yet powerful reinforcement of our continuing need for family, we do so at great risk.

On a less philosophical note, I’d like to add that since eating is something we all have to do three times a day I figure we might as well make every minute and every bite count, and to do it “con gusto”! And THAT is what this blog is all about!


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