Cool Blender Tip.

I made an interesting discovery recently that I think some of you might find helpful. When I need to make an emulsified dressing or sauce (Hollandaise Sauce or, more frequently for me, the mustard-emulsified dressing for my favorite Tante Paulette’s Garlic Salad), I prefer to make it in the blender. I find that the motor of my Cuisinart food processor tends to heat up too much during the lengthy process of dripping the oil into the bowl. Heat is not a friend to the emulsifying process, and the end product tends to be thinner than when made in the cooler environment offered by the blender.

But of course I LOVE the “drip insert” that comes with the Cuisinart that allows you to fill it to the top with the oil and walk away till it empties, then fill it again. Pouring it in by hand is a real pain in the neck. The solution I have come up with is to take the drip sleeve from my Cuisinart and put it through the top hole in my blender. It fits perfectly, and makes my dressing/sauce making a breeze!

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2 Responses to Cool Blender Tip.

  1. Siobhan says:

    Hey! Is that why the white thing has a hole in it? I never understood that it was so you could use it to drip something in! . . . .unless I’m wrong?

    • Mim says:

      No, you’re not wrong. When you want to emulsify something, like mayonnaise, it’s a slow (read deadly long) process, because you have to add the oil very very slowly, pretty much one drip at a time in the beginning, in order to get to emulsify (and not “break”). The drip tube with the tiny hole does the job for you, except for the problem I sometimes find with the heat from the motor. It’s really not a deal breaker; you can use the food processor to do the job. I just find the blender makes a tidier, more reliable job of it.

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