Dear friends, I have been blogging for some

8 months now, but have little idea how many of you are even trying my recipes (ahem, a few of you have been awesome — you know who you are), let alone loving/hating them. I have had a total of 22 comments in this time period.

What you need to know is that all of the “comments” you see at other well-commented websites are the result of strenuous efforts on the part of a blogger to connect with other food bloggers in order to beef up comments on their own site. They comment at this other blog in hopes that that blogger will, in turn, come to their website and comment positively on their own posts. This is not my desired personal operational mode. I do what I do: provide quality content, and leave the rest either to the gods or the devils

I am primarily writing this food blog as a legacy for my grandchildren (I want them  to know what food was meant to be, in particular, of course, those foods I have personally prepared for their delight!)  Unfortunately, I find myself caught somewhere between sharing with you, my “non-posterity readers”, and the long-term recipients of my life-long (and hard-won)  accumulation of  food lore.  I want to share with you what will work for you in the “now”, but I have no way of knowing  if I am missing the mark or not. How then do I even know what you, my current, wonderful friends like or don’t, if you don’t tell me?

Can you help me here?

Can we create an active participation right here, or should I create a forum for ongoing daily conversations? I could easily do that. Please let me know how to make this work.

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9 Responses to Dear friends, I have been blogging for some

  1. Werespyder says:

    I’m more than happy to chat with you right here, Mim. I love your recipes, and have tried at least three. I’ll have to go back and see what they were, aside from the teacakes, though I don’t remember reading that one here. I’ve tried a number of things from forum 22. You always rock mah wrrrld over there.

    • Mim says:

      Aw, Spydie, so you’re still my guy? You are right, I have not posted my Buttermilk Teacakes here yet. I want to do them justice when I do, including a cute story I heard once about someone’s wife when she took her first bite of one. :} Thank you for letting me know that you have tried a few of the recipes. Sometimes it feels like the sound of one hand clapping. You’re the best.

  2. Pam Shannon says:

    I love reading all of them. I am making the Port Tenderloin for friends tomorrow. You are very appreciated for all your advice. Wouldn’t want you to stop writing!!

    • Mim says:

      Thanks for your comment, Pam. I think you are going to LOVE that pork tenderloin! Be sure to come back and let us know what you think. And thanks for your continuing support of my work.

  3. Ollie says:

    Hey Mim, long time no see!!LOL Just had to tell yo, using this forum, how much I enjoyed the delicious waffles! I was going to make them for breakfast two weeks ago, came up to computer to print the recipe and much to my dismay, realized that they had to be prepared partially the night before. @@$#%$%%#$!!! So anyways, last Sunday, or should I say Saturday, I made a double batch and brought them to my sister’s. Everyone LOVED them. I will definitely toss any previous waffle recipe and replace with this one. You are the greatest!!! xoxo Ollie

  4. Sue says:

    Hi Mim,
    I made your favorite salad tonight and I can see why you are addicted–you will probably need an intervention to stop eating it everyday. I found it to be good as a meal but I can’t imagine having anything else to eat along with it. If I throw in some roast chicken breast-it would be a deconstructed club sandwich. The minced garlic was a little intense at the end.

    • Mim says:

      Hi Sue,

      Thanks for your warm acceptance of my addiction. :} We all need our help in these matters — I had it yet again tonight! BTW, the French regularly throw some sliced sausage on top to make it a full meal, although once I tried it I realized I preferred it as a side (albeit a rather large side).

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