Want a Great Pie Crust, But Don’t Have a Food Processor?

You can get around the lack of a food processor by buying a really cheap little tool called a pastry blender It’s a cool little tool with a handle that’s attached to a bunch of steel loops. You use it to bring your flour/butter mix to the “pea” stage, prior to adding ice water. It may seem “low-tech”, and indeed it is, but it’s how I learned to make pie crust, and I highly recommend it as a way to really get a feel for what your dough needs to look like in the early stages. Alternatively, a more primitive, thus a more difficult way to get the job done, is to use two knives to slice the butter and flour together to get to the pea stage. I have done this myself, and though it is not an impossible task, I can assure you that the aforementioned methods are infinitely preferable.

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