More Posts Coming this Weekend


I had no idea that so many people would be continuing to visit, apparently waiting for a new post or two.  Double eeeep! And so I must confess that unfortunately my lofty (and, to the uncritical eye, admirable) ambitions frequently outstrip my pathetic work ethic in the kitchen. Also, I am addicted to the pursuit of the new, and can easily  find myself carried away to the point of hilarious incompetence. To wit:

1) This week, after having posted recipes for my favorite Orange Muffins, and in the same blog , my favorite Orange Biscotti recipe, I just knew I had to make some of each. OK, so here’s my score card on this one:  1) Plan made. Great start.  2) Oranges bought. Great second step. 3) Muffins? Biscotti? I now have three perfectly lovely, perfectly usable oranges languishing in the crisper, where they are, sadly, no longer front and center in my frenetic mind. Each day they continue to await their magical transformation at my hands. Unfortunately, it is clear, the wrong hands.

2) I also recently bought fresh pepitas and cilantro, with plans to invest (minimal) time in making what looks like a thoroughly terrific Cheese Flautas creation, featuring a pepita/cilantro/garlic paste topped with Monterey Jack cheese, inside tightly wrapped corn tortilla (which shall  – yeah, right – then be fried to perfectly divine crispiness and topped with a zesty salsa). Have I  come close to tasting one yet? Alas, no.

3) I was suddenly taken, this week, by the inspiration that I might have a wonderful solution to the vacuum that exists in the lunchbox (school and other). For this blame my daughter Jenn, who interrupted my otherwise (ahem) orderly mental life to request my attention to this global problem! (Stay tuned on this one, it might just hold some promise!)

4) Then, today, I decided to embark on creating my own version of Cobblestone Bread, which combines freshly made hunks of bread dough, pecans, apples, raisins and of course cinnamon, in what sounds like a heavenly melange. Ooops, all the recipes I have found are either not that interesting, tastewise, or call for refrigerated biscuits. NOT! So I’m working to use a favorite Bundt Bread recipe with the idea and …. you get it, right? I’m just one big uncrontrolled mess of over-stimulated food nutsiness!

So now you know the whole ugly truth. This is why I have been absent, in more ways than one! But I promise that by the end of this weekend I will send not one, but three posts out into this here Mimosphere, and I’ll try to make them worth the wait

Please stay tuned.

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