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A New Category: Simple Family Fare

Hi everyone. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to include recipes here that are old-timers in my family repertoire, but not ones that  I feel a need to write much about; ones I can just post unaccompanied by … Continue reading

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Pasta Sauces alla Marvelous Marcella

There are a number of pasta sauces that I enjoy greatly and make on a fairly regular basis, but the following two I can actually say I crave. I will wake up one day and know that by the end … Continue reading

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Food to Survive (and Thrive) On

Hi everyone, welcome to my (at last) blog. No more promises. This is it, the good, the bad, and the I-can’t-stand-learning-all-this-blogging-crap ugly. I hope you can live with it. I know I’ll have to, because today is the drop-dead deadline … Continue reading

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