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Back to the Bistro

If you have read the recent post in which I enthuse with abandon on Tante Paulette’s Garlic Salad, you will understand why today I am posting her recipe for the dish that actually catapulted her tiny four-table bistro to worldwide … Continue reading

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Plan Ahead! Here’s a Great Recipe for Those Turkey Leftovers

I know, I know, you haven’t even thawed the damned turkey yet, let alone cooked it! But if you take a minute here before your final trip to the store, you will be glad you did, come the weekend. Following … Continue reading

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More Chicken Dinner Winners

By now my opinions are well documented regarding the ornery nature of chicken. I have posted comments previously vis-à-vis its reluctance either to add flavor to a dish or, having failed to provide that level of commitment, to accept flavor … Continue reading

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Two Chicken Recipes Worth Clucking About

 I’m a person who, regardless of the renown of the restaurant, will never order chicken “out”. I’ve never found chicken be one of those glorious protein providers like beef, or pork, which seem graciously to bring something to the party … Continue reading

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