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Two Ways With Porky Goodness

The taste (or lack thereof) of today’s pork is a subject that can get me to leap on my soapbox in the flick of a piggy’s tail. For your sake I’ll try hard to avoid that here, since all I … Continue reading

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Simple Family Fare — Ham Leftovers

OK, so I’m in the dog house, and this will have to be a quick one. My daughter Jenn told me over Easter weekend that I needed to write a post sharing our family’s favorite recipes to use up leftover ham, since … Continue reading

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Comfort Food, Pure and Simple.

On this one, don’t even ask. I was at a church potluck supper (back in the Stone Age, when I attended them), where I tasted a singularly delicious casserole. Now, I know that in the modern world casseroles are, to … Continue reading

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More Wonderful Bistro Fare.

In the world of French bistro cooking there exist limitless versions of potato gratin, each boasting a devoted following. In other words, if every potato gratin in France was laid end to end from Lyon to Paris, you would still … Continue reading

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Carnitas From my Boston Bunker

I spent the entire of last week holed up in blissful comfort on the South Shore of Boston, having narrowly escaped the storm that devastated the entire state of Connecticut in my absence. Pure dumb luck, as I had travelled … Continue reading

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A Pot Sticker Pork-out

I have been messing around with recipes for pot stickers off and on for quite some time now, searching, as always, for one I would happily make over and over again. (Those of you who have followed my adventures on … Continue reading

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Bring on the Comfort Foods!

Fall has arrived. The evening air is nippy. The leaves are fading and soon will start their tumble from the lofty splendor of the treetops to the ignominy of plastic leaf bags. The last of fall’s harvest has been pulled … Continue reading

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The Best, Easiest Sunday Roast Beast Dinner, Comin’ Right up!

Dust off the place mats!  Here’s a Sunday dinner to whet the appetite of the fussiest eaters around, and one that will hook your family on dinners as a “mustn’t miss” feature of family life.  There’s nothing that smells more … Continue reading

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