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A Paean to Peaches and My Friend in Food, the Late Nora Ephron.

When Nora Ephron, the dynamic, witty-beyond-belief writer extraordinaire (and even greater friend, in Arianna Huffington’s view) died recently, one of her sisters had something to say about Nora’s gift for forming opinions. “Was there anyone in the world with more … Continue reading

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Summertime, Summertime, Sum-Sum-Summertime….

Throw open a window and poke your head outside! You just may hear a familiar sound chattering through the atmosphere, announcing that summer is in full swing. With timing as precise and predictable as the robins that arrive to bob … Continue reading

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Mim’s Take on Pumpkin Pie

Without pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving would have failed to achieve its iconic status. Turkey alone simply lacks the ability to carry the day. Lovely aromas, nice presentation, irresistible crispy skin, but then what’s there to look forward to? Another afternoon and … Continue reading

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Mim’s Take on Apple Pie

By now I’m assuming that you have read my Fail-Proof Pie Crust post and are ready to proceed to the filling part of the pie equation. First, buy more apples than you think you will need. If in the end … Continue reading

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My Recipe (and Tricks) For Fail-Proof Pie Crust

Just in time for the holidays and by popular demand, here are my (painfully arrived at) lessons on how to make a perfect pie crust. No need to buy inferior pie crust in the dairy or frozen food section of … Continue reading

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Three Homey, Delicious, Ridiculously Easy Fall Desserts

There’s something about fall that tends to tempt even the most devoted freezer case shopper back to the kitchen. As furnaces crank up to a pre-season hum and firewood finds its way back into neat hearthside stacks, we are beckoned … Continue reading

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Everything’s Comin’ up Orange.

OK, so I forgot to mention that I have more than one obsession. Shoot me. In addition to my love of butterscotch (and, if I think about it, probably ahead of it), I love all things citrus. So, as with … Continue reading

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For Love of Butterscotch

Call it nostalgia, call it obsession, but I cannot for the life of me pass by any recipe promising a new (and of course potentially addictive) recipe for anything featuring butterscotch. And so, I offer you three of my favorites … Continue reading

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