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Squash Your Neighbors and Live to Tell About it!

We Americans do love our holidays, do we not? No longer is it enough for grateful families merely to raise our glasses to fête the lamentably sacrificed turkey on Thanksgiving day, followed by a happy afternoon wrapped to the gills … Continue reading

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Simple Family Fare: Recipes From my Ancient Bread Files You Won’t Want to Miss.

Today, three recipes that fill perfectly that need for a homey morning “bread” recipe with aromas that transport everyone back to their grandmother’s kitchen. These are recipes that have delighted my own family for more years than I can remember. … Continue reading

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Another Truly Noteworthy Breakfast

I took some time away from posting recipes here this week so that I could post Some Thoughts on Food and Aging, where I share how I come to choose and save one recipe rather than another as a personal … Continue reading

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Wonderful Breakfasts Front and Center. (Right Where They Belong.)

I have always loved breakfast. For me, an important part of lingering happily over an obscenely strong, rather large (at least for one) pot of coffee in the morning is the pleasure of planning with what wonderful treat I shall … Continue reading

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