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Some Pretty (and Pretty Exotic) Bites to Spice up Your Next Party

If you’re looking for something with a real “wow” factor to serve during the holiday season this year, these little wreathe-shaped blushing pink biscotti will more than fill the bill. The pink comes from red wine, but sugar gives them … Continue reading

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Indecently Decadent Potatoes for Your Holiday Table

Whoever first concocted this dish certainly had little (if any) regard for the waistlines of those who were about to indulge in this rich-beyond-belief potato dish, but I doubt that there were many complaints at the table. It’s another of … Continue reading

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One Stellar Appetizer for the Holidays

Some recipes unquestionably deserve their own post, and the one I share with you today more than qualifies for the honor. It is a staple at every important celebration in my family, and is my hands-down favorite appetizer to bring … Continue reading

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Another Truly Noteworthy Breakfast

I took some time away from posting recipes here this week so that I could post Some Thoughts on Food and Aging, where I share how I come to choose and save one recipe rather than another as a personal … Continue reading

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